Brightwork in the picture at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Innovation Event 2020

The Welsh Water Innovation Event 2020 has now been pinpointed for October 29th, 2020. The format is still to be determined, however Brightwork is heavily involved, with various contributions, related to the present work-in-progress at three sites in Wales: Llanberis, Whitchurch and Llandewi Brefi. All sites are equipped with tertiary sand filter plants, which will be upgraded to meet the consent levels. The smallest unmanned site, Llandewi Brefi STW, has recently been commissioned and is now optimized. We are using our remote Sand-Cycle monitoring and control system to guide the local staff to smooth this process. These days the relevancy of remote follow-up has now been underlined more than ever.

The Whitchurch and Llanberis filter plants are fully refurbished and will be commissioned in close collaboration with Nijhuis UK. We expect these plants to be fully optimized before the end of the year.

If you are interested to hear more about these particular projects and the approach to upgrade existing assets, please join this event and have a look at: You may also contact us directly.