SolteQ Energy goes Bonaire and Cape Verde

Big international steps for SolteQ Energy. Their SolteQ Freshwatermill delivers Fresh water and electricity, a 100% sustainable and at low cost prices.

Solteq / DutchFreshWaterMill acquires water desalination contract from Bonaire

SolteQ Energy received a contract from Mi Sapatu on Bonaire for the supply of a FreshWaterMill windmill driven desalination plant. This is used to provide an area only served with water trucks with safe water for a chicken farm and the development of agriculture on site.

Bonaire is a very dry island with periods of 8 months without rain, but the soil is very fertile and can be used for agriculture if there is enough water throughout the year.

Parts of the island are not connected to a water supply and the water trucks that drive around are expensive and not always reliable.

The DutchFreshWaterMill installation makes use of the trade wind by converting the wind energy very efficiently to power the desalination installation and to help with the self-sufficiency of Bonaire in which Mi Sapatu wants to play a leading role. The water produced will initially amount to an average of 70 m3 / day, which is a giant step forward (54x) compared to the current 9 m3 / week that is supplied via the water trucks. The desalination installations supplied are from Lenntech and Hatenboer-Water.For SolteQ Energy, this is a great project to have a working model in the Caribbean, where there is a need for affordable water everywhere.

Joint wind/water contract in Cape Verde

XS2Solar based in The Hague and Solteq Energy bv based in Leeuwarden have jointly received a contract for a windmill and water desalination project in Cape Verde, Sao Vincente for a shrimp farm Fazenda de Camarao. It concerns a revised Lagerweij windmill (80 kW) and a reverse osmosis system from Hatenboer-Water (24 m3 / day water). The shrimp farm would like to function more sustainably and be less dependent on the local energy company.

XS2Solar / SolteQ have also received a subsidy from Unido (United Nations International Development Organization) together with the GEF (Global Environment Facility) for sustainable projects in Cape Verde, of which this is the first and probably more projects will follow. The entire installation will be commissioned in early 2021.

More information

Additional information is available at or can be requested from Herre Rost van Tonningen,, 0653234443.