Undine customers already saved over € 200.000.000 on water consumption

In 2005, IWC – Innovative Water Concepts from Grou (The Netherlands) launched its revolutionary, water-saving cleaning technique for the food industry. The UNDINE technique is used to effectively clean foods (chicken, vegetables, fruits, potatoes), conveyor belts, bottles, tins, crates, sieves and more. With its unique capacity for mixing water and air under pressure, it guarantees a significantly cleaner result and allows customers to save up to 70% on water consumption. Moreover, UNDINE frequently leads to a lower energy consumption, seeing that the (process)water often has to be heated or cooled. UNDINE systems can be tailor made or are supplied as a ‘plug & play’ appliance.

The IWC website features a permanent counter that indicates the total amount of water being saved by the customers. With an impressive 78 million cubic metres on the meter and counting, our company is making a significant contribution towards solving the increasing problem of water shortage and CO2 emissions.
IWC sells its systems directly to food producers all over the world, as well as to machine manufacturers who incorporate the UNDINE technique in their equipment as a standard.
The operating principles and applications of the UNDINE technique are explained in detail in a video clip on https://vimeo.com/181179915.

Website: www.iwc-international.com