Successful beach water quality monitoring project in Federacion, Argentina

To the northeast of the province of Entre Ríos in Argentina is Federación, a municipality next to the reservoir formed by the Salto Grande dam. Regularly the city port has problems with blooms of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria). Strong foul smells and unsightly formations affect the recreational area and the quality of the water of the coastal area of the city, damaging the tourist activity in the region.

Since 2007, Comisión Técnica Mixta de Salto Grande has increased the vigilance and permanent study of the beaches, which is why in 2016 under the objective of studying the technical-economic feasibility of methodologies for controlling algae blooms, the LG Sonic’s MPC-Buoy was acquired as the first binational experience (Argentina-Uruguay).

Four years since the start of cooperation, specialists from the Environmental Management Area of Salto Grande, and other stakeholders are pleased with results. Facundo Bordet- Environmental Manager says;

“The data obtained in the continuous monitoring of the MPC-Buoy were compared to laboratory and it made possible to validate this type of technology with in-situ sensors (real time) as reliable and appropriate tools for evaluating the water quality, allowing us to speed up and facilitate the management of information in time and form for our region of Salto Grande. In open water systems, LG Sonic raises one of the best responses within the existing technologies on the market, sustainable over time”


About LG Sonic

LG Sonic is a leading international manufacturer of interactive algae control solutions that combine online water quality monitoring and ultrasonic technology to effectively control harmful algal blooms in large water surfaces. Active in over 96 countries around the world, LG Sonic provides sustainable solutions to recover water bodies of top-level water utilities, power plants, recreational lakes, among others.