Hydraloop enables people and organizations to lower their water consumption by 45% and sewage emission by 45% without having to compromise on living comfort or hygiene. Hydraloop users reduce their carbon footprint and in countries with cooler winter climates also save energy.

With a Hydraloop system, you can recycle up to 95% of shower and bath water, as well as water from washing machines, hand basins and air conditioning units in your own home or business – which enables you to reuse up to 85% of the total in-house domestic water. The treated and disinfected water is suitable for toilet flushing, cleaning purposes, washing machines, garden irrigation and topping up swimming pools.

Hydraloop features in the acclaimed Netflix documentary ‘Brave Blue World’ – starring water.org’s Matt Damon and Jaden Smith – as one of the best solutions to solve the worldwide water crisis. By using water twice, everyone can help tackle the global water shortage themselves.