LG Sonic nanobubble solution wins Aquatech Innovation Award

Good news for LG Sonic. The company, which has been a member of the Water Alliance for years, won the Aquatech Innovation Award in the category water supply with their innovation MPC-NanoBubble. The innovation is a solution to improve Dissolved Oxygen levels in lakes by using pure oxygen nanobubbles. The Aquatech Innovation Awards honor the most innovative water products and solutions in the water industry. The winners were revealed on Monday November 4th during the opening of the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) and the Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition in the RAI in Amsterdam.

“MPC is the first nanobubble system that increases oxygen levels in lakes based on real-time data on a movable pontoon. The jury was impressed by the simplicity and low energy requirements of the nanobubble application, calling it a ‘very elegant solution’. The combination with solar energy means the impact of this innovation is high”, the jury remarked.

Honors were presented in four different award categories, including Wastewater treatment, Process control technology, Water supply and Innovation not yet to market. Finalists were selected by a group of experienced judges. Lisa Maria Brand, CTO of LG Sonic said: “We are proud to have received the Aquatech Innovation Award for our MPC-NanoBubble solution. This brings our company one step closer into bringing safe and sustainable solutions for algal blooms in our surface waters and eliminate the usage of harmful chemicals in water treatment”.

MPC-NanoBubble is the only system in the world that moves autonomously through a waterbody to oxygenate a lake in its entirety. Because nanobubbles can remain in the water for weeks to months, a static installation is not necessary for this technology. Instead, MPC-NanoBubble has been designed to move through a lake increasing the dissolved oxygen levels based on real-time water quality measurements.

To make the transfer of oxygen into the water more efficient, LG Sonic uses pure oxygen gas as a source. Using pure oxygen instead of air as a source for the nanobubble technology, can increase the efficiency of the device up to 5 times. The use of pure oxygen allows the Nanobubble system to locally increase oxygen levels to over 60 mg/L.