Landustrie, Hubert, and Desah join forces to enhance water market presence

Landustrie Sneek BV, Hubert Stavoren BV and Desah BV are thrilled to announce their strategic collaboration in Sneek. The Landustrie facility on Pieter Zeemanstraat, where Desah is already located, will soon integrate the staff and equipment of Hubert from Stavoren. This consolidation of resources under one roof is expected to significantly improve the efficiency and speed of serving the entire water market.

In the past month, both the Works Councils of Landustrie and Hubert have provided their favorable recommendations regarding the merger. Their decision-making process involved close collaboration with the trade unions CNV and FNV to ensure the seamless coordination of all social arrangements. This merger will unite over 200 employees in Sneek. All three companies are subsidiaries of Harlingen Holding Industries and hold prominent positions in the water industry. Landustrie and Hubert have been pioneers in supplying water and wastewater treatment solutions for over a century, while Desah, established in 2004, specializes in innovative technologies for sustainable and circular wastewater treatment, as exemplified in the Noorderhoek residential area in Sneek.

In the photo from left to right: Grada van der Schoot, General Manager Hubert Stavoren, Johan Langius, General Manager Landustrie and Sybrand Metz, Technical Director Desah

Growth potential

Johan Langius, who assumed the position of CEO for Hubert, Landustrie and Desah earlier this year, envisions significant growth potential as they combine their collective knowledge and expertise.  “We acknowledge the challenges ahead, but we eagerly anticipate a bright future together. Our goal is to expand our market presence both domestically and internationally, with a continued focus on enhancing support for our existing and new customers. The merger process will require concerted efforts from our staff, but this spirit of collaboration has always been ingrained in the DNA of all three companies. Water is our strength, and it’s this unity that makes us strong, relying on the commitment of all our employees.”

About Landustrie: Landustrie specializes in the design, production, installation and maintenance of equipment for wastewater treatment plants, (sewage) pumping stations, and pumping installations. The company also supplies hydropower screws for generating green energy.

About Hubert: Hubert Stavoren BV designs, produces, installs and maintains products for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and water intake systems, for industrial applications and power stations.

About Desah BV: Desah specializes in designing innovative and sustainable technology for decentralized wastewater treatment, with a focus on water saving, energy recovery and reuse of nutrients.

Source: press release Landustrie/Hubert/Desah