FORU oil spill response solution in high demand

FORU (Floating Oil Recovery Unit) is proud to inform you that a new delivery of their latest innovative oil spill response solution has been completed to Saudi Arabia. Subsequently the training and commissioning of the efficient and simple to operate equipment has been done by their local partner at the Saudi Aramco facility in the Port of Ras Tanajib. The solution has also been shipped to the Arabian Gulf, specifically Jeddah Islamic Port at the Red Sea.  FORU develops preventive measures against pollution of oceans, seas and lakes worldwide.  This prevents subsequent damage to maritime flora and fauna, thus enabling us to pass it on in good condition to future generations.

As of now FORU is preparing the order for ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). As training is vital for the correct usage, last week FORU did their online training  for equipment onboard of one of the Van Oord vessels at their Offshore project in Mozambique.

FORU-Solution manufactures oil spill skimmers in the Netherlands. These skimmers are the best in the world at cleaning up oil spills, also in rough weather. They are robust, easy to deploy and provide a high recovery capacity and efficiency. The simple weir type skimmer has no external moving parts, and can be operated by anyone, at any skill level. It self-adjusts without the use of a bellow, through its high capacity the FORU can clean up the biggest and worst oil spills.

source: FORU-solution