WLN develops method for analysis of acesulfame-K

A powerful tool to estimate the influence of domestic wastewater on ground- and surface water.
WLN (Glimmen, the Netherlands) developed a certificated method for the analyses of artificial sweeteners, such as acesulfame-K, in water. This analysis creates a powerful tool to estimate the extent to which ground- and surface water is influenced by domestic wastewater.

Since 2011 WLN (Glimmen, the Netherlands) has been using advanced analysis equipment to analyse (polar) organic micropollutants in water. The LC-MS based method was developed and validated by WLN and certificated under a so called flexible scope which makes it easy to expand it with new compounds. Since then the method was continuously broadened with new relevant compounds.

The latest development was the expansion of the method with several artificial sweeteners including acesulfame-K. Sweeteners can now be analysed in groundwater, drinking water, surface water and wastewater. The analysis of sweeteners can easily be combined with the analysis of medicines or pesticides.
The artificial sweetener acesulfame-K is, due to its properties, known as an ideal tracer for domestic wastewater. This can be very useful in water quality management and tracing sources of water pollution.

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