The WaterSquare offers solutions

The WaterSquare is a platform where industrial water users and water technology suppliers can meet to discuss problems or issues they are facing. The WaterSquare sessions take place in the former ‘Johannes the Baptist’ church in Leeuwarden, situated at the WaterCampus.

Mr Berhitu, Coordinator Business Development: “I regularly meet with industrial water users who tell me about the water related complexities they have to deal with due to their production process. Discussing those issues with suppliers of water technology requires that the users open up and accept new ideas from outside their organisation. Therefore we decided to create workshops, which we call the WaterSquare. The best part of the WaterSquare is that it often leads to a win-win situation.”

IMG_3280How does it work?

At the WaterSquare, each separate issue is discussed in a closed environment, in which the user who is facing a problem is brought into contact with a specific group of technology suppliers who can contribute to the solution for this specific problem. This connection speeds up an in-depth analysis of the problems, thus leading to a much more efficient discussion for both groups and gives an impuls to the implementation phase.

The first WaterSquare session took place on 1st of April 2010. The parties taking part in this session were very positive about the event and more events have followed since. Each event with a new case owner.

Are you an industrial water user facing a water related issues and do you have difficulties finding the right party to solve your problem? Please contact Alex Berhitu of the Water Alliance by telephone (+31 58 – 284 90 44) or email (