Water Alliance and members succesful at IFAT trade fair in Munich

Water Alliance had a good presence at the recent IFAT trade fair in Munich, one of world’s largest environmental exhibitions. Together with some 15 Dutch companies and organisations Water Alliance presented themselves at the vibrant Dutch booth during IFAT. The Holland Water Pavilion was organised by NWP, Water Alliance and Envaqua.

IFAT 1Many members

Many members of Water Alliance joined at this Holland Water Pavilion, like: ISS Tanks BV, BlueLeg Monitor, I-Real, Holland Water, AWT watertreatment, LG Sonic, Econvert Water & Energy BV and Van Remmen UV Techniek. Other members of Water Alliance had their own booth in one of the many halls, such as: Paques, Landustrie, Aqana, DMT Environmental Technology, RWB and others.

IFAT 4Holland Innovation and Inspiration Hotspot

Various new water technologies were shown and put in the spotlights. As well as at the individual booths as at the Holland Water Pavilion, where the Water Alliance presented the Holland Innovation and Inspiration Hotspot. Various new innovative water technologies were highlighted on posters. During a network reception at Wednesday afternoon Water Alliance hosted and presented a variety of these new innovations to the guests. Amongst others new innovations were presented by AWT Watertreatment (first industrial combined WWTP), BlueLeg monitor (toxic algae detection), Wetsus (recovering nutrients and energy from urine), Fleel Cleaner (hull cleaning and inspection equipment) and I-Real (smart water management using H2gO).


Innovation Day Berghof Membranesdws-ifat-berghof-wildeboer-te-lintelo-770px

Berghof Membranes, having their international sales and marketing office at the WaterCampus Leeuwarden, hosted their Innovation day at Monday June 10 at the IFAT. This innovation day focussing on the future of industrial waste water treatment was organised on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Berghof Group. See for more information: IFAT 2016: Berghof’s Innovation
Dutch water technology firm Paques showcased at the IFAT in Munich for the first time their new version of the Biopaq anaerobic effluent treatment system, the Biopaq ICX.
See also: IFAT 2016: Paques presents flexible Biopaq-ICX for anaerobic industrial water treatment