Water Alliance and CWA signed an agreement to strengthen collaboration

On Monday, October 29 the Water Alliance and the Cleveland Water Alliance (CWA) signed an agreement to strengthen their collaboration.
The Cleveland Water Alliance visited the European Water Technology Week (24-27 September 2018) and presented the Cleveland Water Alliance efforts on harmful algal bloom warning systems and Smart Lake buoy sensors during the session ‘Accelerator programs from Water Hubs’. They also were present at the Link to Local event in The Hague focusing on bringing together Dutch companies and US representatives around specific water issues. The Water Alliance visited the WEFtec (Oct 1-3 2018) in New Orleans, USA and presented the Dutch Water Technology sector at the Innovation Pavilion. During these events it became clear that a stronger collaboration was worth to investigate.


With the visit of the Ambassador of the Royal Netherlands Embassy, mr Henne Schuwer, Dutch attaché mr Jan Peelen and Dutch Consul General of Chicago mr Louis Piët to Cleveland this Monday both Cleveland Water Alliance and Water Alliance reconfirmed their intentions and identified possible next steps with an agreement.
For both Alliances the ecosystem approach to innovation, from idea to the market is an important core value. The core idea of the stronger collaboration is how can we help each other with innovation valorization, business development and springboard the innovation ecosystem.

As possible next steps a webinar on harmful algal blooms and smart (remote) sensoring next spring is planned. Cleveland Water Alliance plans to attend the Dutch water technology conference Aquatech next fall, and a Dutch representative will come to Cleveland’s ErieHack 2.0 finals next June.

About The Water Alliance

Water Alliance (WA) is a unique partnership of public and private companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes involved in water technology in the Netherlands. The Water Alliance focuses on innovative and sustainable water technology that can be used worldwide. Water Alliance is part of WaterCampus, which brings together a complete chain of innovation for water technology, from first idea, research & development, specialized laboratories, a water application center, various demo sites, launching customers to international applications with commercial companies. From idea to business.