After graduating in bio-process technology, Evert van de Werfhorst started as a technologist at Paques BV (Balk-The Netherlands). After travelling around the world, he left Paques as a commercial manager.


After his time at Paques, he started in 2008 in the periphery of the WaterCampus as an entrepreneur from the point of view to use self-calibrating measurement systems to optimize water processes. By using properly calibrated measurement results it is possible to operate with less energy and chemicals, but more re-use. Currently he is co-owner of The Sensor Factory in Heerenveen, an independent company that develops and produces measuring instruments for online measurements of ATP (microbiology) in water and milk and for online measurements of nutrients in greenhouse horticulture. The Sensor Factory works with its own brands, as LUCI or Celine, but also as an OEM manufacturer for multinationals.

In addition to his own entrepreneurship, Evert is driven by the creation of high-quality employement in Friesland in the field of water technology. He has been involved with the WaterCampus from the beginning and as a coach he helps various start-ups. Evert is hands-on and has a passion for translating technology to market.