Erwin Dirkse has been in the in the environmental technology industry for over three decades. An experienced and passionate entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of developing strong, international operating businesses in the field of wastewater treatment, biogas upgrading and (bio)gas desulphurisation.

With his experience in several advisory boards combined with his passion for product development he has an eye for innovating technologies and emerging markets.

DMT International

Dirkse has been since 2005 CEO and owner of DMT International, headquarted in Joure and Portland, Oregon. DMT is a specialist in renewable gas solutions and services with a strong focus on biogas upgrading and desulphurisation plants. DMT is a global solutions provider focused on creating a sustainable world, a social and environmentally responsible engineering company. And with more than 150 references globally, DMT is one of the biggest biogas upgrading technology suppliers globally.

Since 2021 Dirkse combines his work at DMT with another CEO-ship at Biolease Group / GRIENR, also bases in Joure. Biolease has the mission to be the most sustainable leasing company with proven products and technologies. As a green energy director, Biolease wants to unburden you in the production of both green gas and electricity. With her partners Biolease offers a full service resolution with a high return and security.

Additional positions

Erwin Dirkse has several additional positions. Like member of the Advisory Board of the exhibition Aquatech in Amsterdam. From 2015 he is president of Envaqua, Dutch Environmental & Water Technology Association. Envqua currently has over 120 member companies, who are all specialised in environmental- and watertechnology. Each company concentrates on one or more areas of the environmental field. After that, Erwin Dirkse is member ot the core team for Water Technology (bases in Groningen) since 2016. And last but not least, Dirkse is since 2017 member of the supervisory board of Water Alliance.