Saur announces the acquisition of Water Alliance member Econvert

In line with its Initiative 2023 strategic project aiming to grow strongly its industrial customers base, Saur announces the acquisition of Unidro and Water Alliance member Econvert, thereby building-up a shared European centre of technological excellence for industrial water treatment.

Established in 2012, Econvert is specialist in anaerobic biological processes for industrial wastewater treatment (and biogas recovery). Saur acquired a majority share in Econvert on April 22nd.

Headquartered in Heerenveen in the Netherlands, Econvert has built its business around the use of patented processes for anaerobic treatment of industrial wastewater. Capable of handling a very wide range of different wastewater concentrations, Econvert’s anaerobic reactors treat effluent by methanisation generating biogas, that can then be reused to generate energy.Econvert is a key partner to the Pulp & Paper and Food & Beverage industries, and also provides technological solutions for chemicals and fine chemicals industries.

Serving fast-growing end markets with a state-of-the art technology, Econvert has been developing rapidly generating more than €20 million in annual revenue, and already has customers in twenty countries worldwide with a particularly strong presence in the Netherlands and Germany.

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