Recell® biocomposite is awarded in the “Biocomposite of the Year 2019”

The 8th Biocomposites Conference took place at 14 and 15 November 2019 at Cologne, Germany. A picnic table made from Recell® biocomposite was presented at the conference, which won second place. Recell® is made of recycled toilet paper, recovered with Cellvation® technology.

The international Biocomposites Conference was organized by nova-Institut, an annual event where the “Biocomposite of the Year” award is given to an innovative product in the biocomposite industry. Recell® is awarded out of six nominees.

Recell® is cellulose recovered from sewage treatment plants (STPs). It can be mixed with a variety of (bio)polymers such as PLA and PHA. Recell® is a highly sustainable product because Cellvation® uses sewage as a raw material for production. Recell® biocomposite is applied as e.g. flower pots, claddings, fences, decking and boxes. This biocomposite product fits ideally into the circular economy.

The picnic table is manufactured by Ecodek® and is an outcome of the SMART-Plant project. This project focuses on, among others, the recycling of raw materials from STPs. Recell® biocomposite is further developed within the BERNN project.