Oisann Engineering’s Waterfountain is an offshore desalination system that significantly reduces the environmental impact and cost of desalination. A Waterfountain produces 10.000 m³ per day and can be scaled up to produce up to 30.000 m³ gallons per day. A pilot prototype has been successfully tested in life-like operating environment. SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia, monitored the test and verified the results.

In short, Waterfountain is a large scale desalination system designed to produce a lot of water for less money without compromising the environment. We also make a small offshore desalination unit that is un-manned and produces from 50-500 m3/day for small communities, islands, military use, emergency response etc. Easy to relocate and simple to maintain. Reasonable cost to buy and install and cheap to operate.