LG Sonic introduces new software for accurate water quality monitoring and effective algae control

LG Sonic introduces a user-friendly software, the MPC-View, to follow the water quality in lakes and reservoirs visually. The software receives its data from advanced water quality sensors that are integrated into the Water quality data algae controlMPC-Buoy, a floating solar-powered system for control of algal blooms through ultrasound. Customers can log into the software, where they will find a personal dashboard displaying an overview of their algae control projects. The software provides insight into the water quality, algae trends, and the progress of the ultrasonic treatment. Furthermore, the software displays technical parameters, such as the status of the ultrasonic transmitters, signal strength, and battery strength. Generated reports can be exported to Excel or converted to PDF, and from there they can be shared or published.

For more information, please contact LG Sonic by sending an email to info@lgsonic.com