Large scale algae cultivation on flue gasses

In cooperation with HeidelbergCement and Ciments du Maroc, Omega Green B.V. completed the first hectare algae production site in Safi, Morocco. HeidelbergCement is one of the world leading producers of cement. They regard algae cultivation as one of their strategies to reduce their CO2 footprint.

The system makes use of flue gasses directly from the factory as our CO2 source. The algae farm is operated by local employees.

The technology used for algae cultivation is for the first time proven on a large scale with a positive business case. Omega Green is preparing further upscaling together with HeidelbergCement with an end goal of a total of 400 hectares algae cultivation. By upscaling we can reduce the cost price of algae and therefore we can use it as a sustainable protein source.

As Omega Green we are starting up new algae farms with different partners in different countries all around the globe.