Klaren: World’s First Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) with self-cleaning is in operation

Water Alliance member Klaren is happy and proud to announce that the first MVR plant with their self-cleaning technology has recently been taken into operation in Asia. The initial results look really promising. The project is executed together with our partner Shachi Engineering and major system integrator company, Thermax Limited.
With Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR), the energy use of wastewater treatment can be drastically reduced. One can save 41 % in the use of primary energy when using a MVR to treat waste water by concentrating it through evaporation compared to Multi-Effect evaporation (MEE).

More about this in our white paper is available on their website

The MVR plant is a part of an integrated wastewater treatment scheme using RO, evaporation, centrifuge and ATFD to end with only solids (ZLD). The plant is run by a client in the automotive industry (producer airbags and safety belts).

Currently, Klaren are in the process of further optimization during the commissioning test runs and expecting to complete it within next month.

About Klaren:

Klaren International, based in the Netherlands, offers continuous cleaning solutions for either new or revamped heat exchangers. Their self-cleaning configuration can be realized in all manner of industries including wastewater treatment. A fluidized bed of solid particles is used at the tube side of the self-cleaning heat exchangers where the fouling liquid flows through. The solid particles create a scouring effect on the tube wall surface which removes the developing fouling layer. This prevents severe fouling of shell and tube heat exchangers. This design operate up to zero-fouling. Klaren international is also engaged in solving fouling problems in Zero Liquid discharge (ZLD) plants across the world which includes Multi Effect Evaporator (MEE) and Mechanical Vapor compressor (MVR).

Source: Klaren