Molenkamp panellist during IWARR2019

Water Alliance’s Managing Director Hein Molenkamp joined the IWARR2019 in Venice last week to support and promote new innovative resource recovery developments from The Netherlands. Various Water Alliance members presented their state of the art technologies. Molenkamp was part of the panel of Water innovations for sustainable impacts in industries and utilities. “I was very honoured to be a panellist in the Resource Recovery workshop, he says”.

About IWARR 2019

The overall theme of the conference was “Resource Recovery from Water – from concept to standard practice“. The conference builds upon the foundational work done by the IWA cluster for Resource Recovery from Water, and the previous conferences held in Belgium (Ghent, 20 l 5) and the United States (New York, 2017). The strategie objective of the conference was to highlight the importance and showcase opportunities of embedding resource recovery as a key consideration In urban water management. Resource recovery from water is a fast evolving field with various recent innovations currently being scaled-up and demonstrated in relevant large Horizon2020 and international innovation actions. This conference represented an excellent opportunity to showcase these recent innovations.


Hein on Resource Recovery



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