Holland Innovation and Inspiration Hotspot at IFAT Munich

In collaboration with the NWP and Partners for Water, Water Alliance offers businesses a poster at the Holland Innovation & Inspiration Hotspot (HIIH) centrally located at the Holland Business pavilions of the Singapore International Water Week and the WEFTEC in New Orleans. Because the Netherlands is known as a leader in water technology, these pavilions always attract a lot of attention and are well attended. At the HIIH, four innovative Dutch inventions will always be in the spotlight, in a central location at the Holland Business Pavilion. Each of these companies will have access to a panel / poster, which you can ‘staff’ with one person, who gains access to the facilities of the Holland Business Pavilion.

At this moment there are four companies present at the Holland Innovation and Inspiration Hotspot at IFAT Munich.
If you are present at IFAT make sure to visit us at Hall B2, Booth 105/204.


Hydraloop International
At Hydraloop we are committed to inspire people to save water by offering smart and affordable water & energy recycling products. Over 10 year ago, we started to develop and test a compact in-house water recycling system to substantially reduce residential water usage. This resulted into the Hydraloop system which is a safe, low maintenance, self-cleaning system that offers to reuse and save up to 55% of total residential water. It’s state-of-the-art patented technology treats greywater without using chemicals and filters. Water quality meets international standards; BS8525 & NSF-350.

The innovative design is stylish compared to any other existing water recycling system, so you can place it anywhere in your house and show it.
Contact: www.hydraloop.com, info@hydraloop.com

Bluecon International
“World’s first small physical wastewater treatment”
Bluecon® International offers proven, compact wastewater purifying units, in which domestic wastewater is blueconized into irrigation water. Blueconizing is a new physical technology to purify wastewater, to optimize the water cycle. The ability to blueconize domestic wastewater from villages and small towns (500-10,000 inhabitants) into irrigation water quality, fits well in an environmental sustainable policy with re-use of water.

Unlike large-scale investments in conventional biological treatment plants, Bluecon® International offers safe, easy to operate, sustainable, multi-modular and flexible waste water treatment units. The Bluecon® can be realized without large complex infrastructural and sanitation systems. Installation time approximately 8 weeks. Bluecon® International takes care of the installation, operation and service or maintenance of its units. With a multi-year contract the company can even take over the investment of the project to guarantee the quality of the irrigation water and to unburden the customer.
Contact: www.bluecon.nl, info@bluecon.nl


Our objective is to develop and market inspection methods and techniques for the drinking water and wastewater sector. With this, pipelines owners and managers will be able to detect possible failure mechanisms and verify and adapt maintenance strategies.

Acquaint conducts inspections and determines the condition and pipeline life expectancy.

Inline Inspection (ILI) ensures that every centimeter of the pipeline will be examined. By making use of various techniques and sensors we are able to detect leaks, provide insight into pipeline location and possible failure mechanisms.

The techniques that we apply in practice are customized to the clients’ needs and scientifically validated.
Contact: www.acquaint.eu, info@acquaint.eu, @Prevent_failure

Membrane technologies for a circular economy
Practical value of water technology aiming for environmental sustainability is the focus of our work. Our dedicated employees form a team in which all aspects of applying technology come into place. Together with other actors in the field of expertise BLUE-tec aims at continuous development of knowledge on sustainable water technologies
Contact: www.blue-tec.nl, info@blue-tec.nl