Exhibiting at Futurebuild: How water tech influences smart cities

Water Alliance hosted and partnered in different activities during Futurebuild exhibition from 3-5 March in London. Managing Director Hein Molenkamp and Liaison Business Development Juliette Douglas were on site and will give you a quick update on their findings and opportunities in the UK.

How water tech influences smart cities

“Our member companies DeSaH and Colubris Cleantech joined our exhibition booth”, Juliette explains. “DeSaH has developed a modular approach to treat source separated wastewater locally. This source separated wastewater consists of two streams, a highly concentrated black water stream from vacuum toilets and a diluted grey water stream. From black water energy and fertilizer can be recovered. From grey water heat can be recovered and the treated water can be reused. Colubris Cleantech recently joined the Water Alliance. The Metabolic Network Reactor (MNR) technology is Biopolus’ patented 3rd generation Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) water treatment technology. These are two very good examples on how water tech influences smart cities.”

Strong interest in the Dutch water sector

What do we mean by urban resilience? Our MD Hein Molenkamp was asked to give his opinion on water development in urban areas at Futurebuild’s keynote stage on March 4th. It was a full house at at Critical Infrastructure Stage and we had some great questions from the audience. Really encouraging to see such a strong interest in the Dutch water sector”, he says on his Twitter account.

Cross-sectoral approach

“Futurebuild was an interesting move for us, since it’s not a dedicated water tech trade fair”, Molenkamp explains. Future challenges for the planet includes population growth, climate change and urbanisation. The combined pressure from these and other processes on water, energy and ecosystem services call for cross-sectoral approaches to increase the resilience of society. It is only if we properly facilitate work building on the linkages between humans and the environment that we can enhance water resilience.”

That’s why Water Alliance also facilitated an opportunity for our members to join the 100@London event, which is internationally seen as the dedicated, exciting, international Networking & Dinner Event for architects, developers, housebuilders and innovative suppliers. “For Desah, it was great to pitch the modular approach to treat wastewater locally to architects and developer”, Molenkamp states about the participation.


Water Alliance chooses it’s strategic conferences and exhibitions based on our member platform. Therefore, we always value reviews from members that joined, in order to manage their expections.

“I enjoyed the show, it allowed a good opportunity to network with company’s and potential clients that are from a new, different and undiscovered market, so for me personally I would say it had been successful”,  Jan Drost from Colubris Cleantech says.

Sybrand Metz from DeSaH states: “Thanks for organizing this booth and networking opportunities at future build. It was a unique opportunity for us to go to this show, which made it much easier and cheaper for us to join with the Water Alliance. There was many interest for our company and therefore it was succesful. It was well organized!” His partner from Jets Vacuum, Kris Wojcik adds:

“And a great platform to highlight how much we have in common and how these technologies can complement each other. We should strike together again.”

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Colubris Cleantech consists of five brands, each specialised in their own field of cleantech solutions: Redox Water Technology, Redox Waste Recycling, Ingenieursbureau Schneider, K-Pack Water Technology and UCY Waste-Water to Energy. Specialists who work independently for selected issues, but also collaborate to create big impact with smart solutions. To ensure the best quality from idea to realisation, we fabricate all our equipment in our own Colubris production factory in the Netherlands. More information? Ask Jan Drost.

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