European Water Stewardship (EWS) at the Center of the Europe’s Innovation Hub

At the annual Wetsus Congress 2015, EWS was a clear leader in addressing opportunities for innovation in the water sector. A side event at the Congress several key actors from the EWS program from Chair of the Members Council, Alice Bouman-Detener set the stage for the importance of a scheme like EWS in supporting broader goals of sustainable development while, Recommended Consultancy Organization, Grontmij and Approved Certification Body Control Union Certifications shared their feedback having worked with a number of companies to develop their water stewardship strategies. Their examples were evidence of the ways in which supports long term goals of improving water governance at local level and stimulating innovation in water technology in Europe.

As ABP Food Group nears the end of its water stewardship journey with its upcoming performance audit, representative from ABP Food Group, Barry O’Donovan shared his experience with why the assessment process has driven home importance of a truly developed water stewardship scheme-moving beyond just water accountancy. For the company, the process provided basic guideline that breaks down areas of improvement for a company, including significant water reductions and improving water infrastructure.