Dutch water technology goes all out at Aquatech Amsterdam

Do you want to know the latest trends on Water Technology?
Visit The Innovation Avenue in Hall 7 (no. 07.520) at the Netherlands Water Pavilion.

A new initiative of the Water Alliance this year is The Innovation Avenue at Aquatech Amsterdam. An extremely inspiring lane at the centre of the Netherlands Water Pavilion, where you will be immersed in the latest technologies in the field of clean drinking water, sludge dewatering, algae detection systems, surface water treatments, and so on. You will experience more than 20 break through innovations, of which some are award winning.

The WaterCampus and her organising partners Wetsus, Water Alliance and Centre of Expertise Water Technology CEW are at the centre of this avenue.   A number of WaterCampus originating innovations are displayed, like the Wetsus  ‘Urine demonstration project’ and some breakthrough innovations from Water Alliance members Water Waves and Aqua Color Sensors.

The companies on Innovation Avenue:

Who are they and what can they do? In short, an overview of the companies’ presentations.

Advanced Water Reclaimers developed Hydraloop. Hydraloop cleans and disinfects bath and shower water so that it can be used in toilets, washing machines, and gardens. Hydraloop can recycle over 50% of water, enabling a household to achieve reductions in the use of tap water of over 50%.

AkaNova develops artificial intelligence for decentralized purification plants.
Wastewater contamination levels are determined using sensor and control technology, and the purification process is adjusted energy-efficiently to achieve the required effluent quality.
What makes this project innovative is the newly developed SMART operating system that can anticipate the incoming wastewater (freight and quantity).

Aqana/Salttech/Biotrack: Aqana has a revolutionary technology to convert organic components in industrial wastewater to bio gas. The Aqana DACS technology is the “next generation” of anaerobic technology which overcomes the disadvantages of the first generation anaerobic technology and is therefore widely applicable.

Salttech, affiliated with Biotrack, has developed a technology to completely remove inorganic components such as salts in just one step. Salttech has the first Zero Liquid Discharge technology in the world that combines flexibility, low maintenance, and continuous operation.

Biothane/Veolia: is specialized in the development and application of sustainable and profitable technologies to purify industrial wastewater and optimally utilize the present components. An example is the innovative Memthane process, which produces biogas from wastewater while simultaneously performing membrane filtration, resulting in an effluent free of floating dust and, in many cases, making aerobic post-treatment unnecessary, or even allowing immediate reprocessing for recycling at the factory.

Bluecon has developed a one-hundred percent physical, compact decentralized unit for the purification of sewage for villages from 1,000 to 10,000 inhabitants.

BW Products developed Sand Cycle, a technique for improved monitoring of purification processes at water purification plants and drinking water companies.

DMT will present the TurboTec® Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP). This allows high-temperature sludge to be ‘hydrolized’ (for the experts: a steam explosion of a cell structure compound under the absorption of water, ed.) With the Thermal Hydrolysis Process, DMT/Sustec offers water purification companies, in particular, a combination of hydrolysis and dewatering, which significantly reduces the handling costs of sludge and makes transportation easier and cheaper. By placing a TurboTec in front of a digester, the capacity and efficiency of the digester increases, resulting in a 35% increase in the biogas production.

DWP (Dutch Water Partners): will show a water tower at Aquatech, which can be used for sustainable cleaning of wastewater.

Landustrie: the application of a screw turbine to generate energy with hydro power. When river water flows down through the screw turbine, the screw starts to rotate. By using the right drive and adjusting the flow point, the rotating movement can be used to generate energy. This way, the power of water is available 24 hours a day. In addition, the screw turbine can be used as both a generator and a pump.

LevelLog: a smart measuring sensor that can efficiently measure the ever changing water levels in monitoring wells. “Due to its simple commissioning and operation, the clear display of the data, and the universal usability, LevelLog clearly distinguishes itself from the traditional solutions,” according to entrepreneur John Klaver. The innovation provides many benefits to groundwater level managers, in particular.

Microlan: presents the BACTcontrol online monitor. The advantage of this BACTcontrol online monitor is that the microbiological water quality is guarded permanently, avoiding the need for a high frequent collection of water samples and tedious microbiological lab analyses which can take days to get a result.

Paques: presents the ‘BIOPAQ®ICX’. The company states that the ‘BIOPAQ®ICX’ allows them to offer a state-of-the-art solution for anaerobic wastewater treatment with great flexibility regarding tank design. The compact system can even be implemented in existing tanks, according to Paques. Due to the high biomass concentration, the reactor can handle high volume loads. The two-stage retention system prevents biomass leakage, and high fluid velocities ensure excellent blending characteristics, making the BIOPAQ®ICX suitable for treating a wide range of industrial wastewater.

PB International: presents an innovative ultrafiltration solution, designed and manufactured to filter the water for small home humidifiers. The HomEvap improves home comfort and provides a healthy indoor climate. The use of ultrafiltration removes the risk of legionella.

Pro Water presents a sensor for measuring chlorine without a membrane.

Solteq: presents the Fresh Water Mill. One mill, which can simultaneously purify water and generate energy, especially in decentralized areas.

Wafilin Systems presents ceramic nanofiltration for the recovery of water and energy from hot water process flows such as laundry wastewater, CIP-streams from the F&B industry, blanching water from the food processing industry, and condensate streams from industrial evaporation and drying processes.