Convergence Industry steams ahead with Bubble point test

Convergence Industry B.V. is glad to announce that following the recent COVID relieve measures that they will be attending several exhibitions worldwide again in 2022. As a designer and producer of customized measurement and control systems for liquids and gasses these fairs offer a unique opportunity for much needed face to face talks. During the first exhibition, Filtech in Germany (the filtration event) this was further confirmed, by the positive response from the visitors. At the exhibitions you can experience firsthand the possibilities of their new techniques, customized control systems for testing water and/or to restore fresh water.

One of the new techniques is Bubble point (BP) test. This is a practical way for finding defects and measuring the biggest pore size of a membrane . The big advantage of this method is that it is non-destructive. Convergence BP Inspector operates fully automatically, and it is custom made based on the client’s needs. From centimeter-sized membrane disks to industrial 8” membrane modules, multiple sample measurement at once, automatic wetting and de-wetting, automatic wetting liquid selection, Convergence design and customize the system to respond to all the customer requirements.

Additionally, Convergence BP Inspector can measure the pore size distribution by step wise increase of the pressure after BP and measuring the flow. Convergence BP Inspector offers a simple and fully automated quality control approach in which valuable information is obtained without the need of disassembling or cutting the produced membrane modules. 

Other upcoming exhibitions, where Convergence will be present is the Congres Mempro 7 in France (June 15th-17th). Here you can further discover their latest industrial developments . Also the Water Tech Europe in Leeuwarden is high on the to be list, the Netherlands (September 19th-21st). Convergence hopes to meet up with you at the above event(s). Stay in touch and/or check their website

Source: Convergence