Free for WA members: condition monitoring comparison guide

Samotics has developed a Condition Monitoring technology comparison guide, which is being offered to Water Alliance members for free.

Condition monitoring (CM) is an important part of any predictive maintenance strategy, and can be used to reduce unplanned downtime in critical water processes. CM sensors collect information on the health of driven assets such as pumps, mixers and blowers, and report developing faults to the maintenance team. The maintenance team can then fix the fault before the fault develops into an asset failure. The type of CM that best suits your asset can vary depending on:
● The type of asset
● The location of the asset
● The kind of failure modes you are most interested in detecting
● The criticality of the asset

The CM comparison guide will take you through the strengths and weaknesses of different CM methods, so that you can decide for yourself which technology suits your use case best.The guide covers:
●Electrical signature analysis
● Vibration-based CM
● Acoustic analysis
● Thermal analysis

To access the guide, click here.

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