Cleaner paper production in DS Smith Kemsley Paper Mill thanks to 1500th Paques BIOPAQ® reactor

Paques is proud to inform that we have installed our 1500th BIOPAQ reactor at the DS Smith Kemsley Paper Mill in the United Kingdom. Paques is the global leader in biological wastewater and gas treatments and has realised more than 3,000 reference installations worldwide of which 1500 are anaerobic BIOPAQ reactors.

In 2018, Paques delivered two BIO­PAQ®IC anaerobic technology reactors to DS Smith Kemsley Paper Mill in Sitting­bourne, UK. The new reactors have reduced the energy consumption and waste disposal arising from wastewater treatment, while capacity allows for increases in paper production. The biogas pro­duced during the purification process is fed into the natural gas grid after desulphurization of the gas by a THIOPAQ® reactor and subsequent upgrading. The installation has a daily gas capacity of 24.000 m3.

Kemsley Mill is the UK’s largest paper recycling mill, and the second largest in Europe, producing over 800,000 tonnes of paper every year. Kemsley processes recycled paper into new papers for packaging and construction. The mill’s sustainability developments, including the on-site anaerobic digestion plant, energy from waste facility, and the preparations for a new CHP plant, support the mill in becoming more energy efficient. This is in line with the DS Smith Group’s target to reduce its CO2 emissions by 30% per tonne of production by 2030.

Sustainability is integral to every aspect of DS Smith’s production process. Its 14 days box to box circular model allows for material to be collected, recycled and turned back into new packaging products in a closed loop scenario. Harvesting of clean energy from wastewater treatment adds another dimension to the company’s circular approach. “We are happy to see that the biogas plant has rapidly reached full capacity and that DS Smith can now look forward to a robust reactor that produces valuable biogas and biocatalyst.” states Stephan Bocken, CEO of Paques.

With 1500 anaerobic reactors worldwide, Paques and its clients treat 11,300 million kg of organic pollution per year, producing 4,950 million m3 of biogas per year. This is comparable with the energy consumption of 7.2 million people per year. Paques contribution to sustainability is the reduction of 11.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

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