Brightwork’s solution for micropollutants removal up for piloting

Brightwork’s solution for micropollutants removal from wastewater has recently been evaluated against the criteria of the Innovation Program Micropollutants of Stowa and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands. With a positive result: we are now preparing to carry out a representative pilot, which will be extensively tested over the next 2 years.

The core of the solution is the use of a continuous aerated filter with a filter media consisting of granular activated carbon. The aim is to allow adsorption and biological degradation to take place simultaneously. The aim is to establish a longer timespan for the activated carbon to be saturated. As a result the CO2 footprint will go down. But that’s not all: we are going to remove phosphorus at the same time, by means of a (small) coagulant dose. This also enables us to provide water authorities a solution to meet the European KRW effluent discharge criteria.

For this initiative we have the support of five Dutch water authorities and the Belgian Aquafin. We are looking forward to a great collaboration!

During the Aquatech, early November 2021, all initiatives within the framework of the Innovation Program were presented, including ours. All presentations are now accessible online via the Stowa website via this link.