Bluecon International BV reacting to the global health crisis

Simplicity, reliability, and usefulness are keywords that define our operations here at Bluecon International BV. The core of our business and the message we are trying to put out is identical to our product and services: we want to be as transparent, clear and clean as possible. We realize this ideology by means of guarantees and excellent communication with all of our stakeholders. We provide solutions using state of the art technology to optimize the effect of our projects all around the world.

In 2020 we went to various locations in Asia and Africa to converse with government officials about reusable water solutions and water treatment. We also accompanied the Dutch Royal family on one of their visits to Indonesia. Bluecon feels very honored and excited to get to meet and join forces with so many different individuals who share a common goal: Making clean water accessible to people worldwide.

‘Blueconizing’ is the process of treating and reusing wastewater. We want to involve our stakeholders to be part and to be up to date about what we are doing by having conversations, or updates about our activities via our social media. If you would like to stay up to date about current developments consider connecting to us via LinkedIn.

Providing water treatment is our passion, we believe we are ‘the water doctors of the Netherlands’. Just like healthcare, clean water is a necessity for human beings and we would like it to be available for everyone. We designed our filter machinery to fit in a container and made it very easy to install, allowing the machinery to be shipped and used almost everywhere.

Especially now, during a global health crisis, it should be observed that it is a top priority to let anyone has access to hygiene and clean water. We really hope that these current event will be a wake-up call for governments worldwide, and that we can realize the importance of reusing our water and water treatment being available for everybody, everywhere.

By Onne Jelier, Bluecon International BV